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Take a seat under the California palm trees and get lost in the smooth summer soundS of Brandin reed

Brandin is back this summer with a crisp new trio of hit tunes! Again in collaboration with the brilliants of our time, Grammy award winning Reid Shippen and Aaron Sterling, Reed has dropped his listeners the only thing hotter than the California sun. Grace, mercy and freedom are woven into each song, telling the gospel message like you’ve never heard it before. For the broken, lost, believer and unbeliever alike, find the saving grace you need through these songs...and dance a little while you’re at it.

Reed's first single "Broken Hallelujah" is set for release Friday, July 20th, with the remaining two singles to follow throughout the summer.

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Listen to "Broken Hallelujah" (Release date: July 20, 2018)

Brandin Reed is back with a fresh new single! In collaboration with Grammy award winning engineer, Reid Shippen, and award winning drummer, Aaron Sterling, Reed lets his pop soul loose on this free and easy tune, creating an atmosphere of joyful deliverance and redemptive grace. Take a seat under the California palm trees and get lost in the smooth summer sound of “Broken Hallelujah.”



"Few artists in this world have COME around and stayed around. Even fewer have COME around, unashamedly true to their deep, messy, beautiful roots, and remained timeless."

Brandin Reed was born on the southern coast of the Golden State and raised across the country, traveling with his father, evangelist Larry Reed, only to land in the electric city of Dallas-Fort Worth. Rather than a “star being born”, Brandin is a “star” who was made. One of the hardest, yet most brilliant capabilities of a musician is to produce an authentic sound that comes from experiences of joy, heartache, wins and losses. Accompanied by seasoned guitar strings, Reed shares with his listeners feelings and truth in a masterful way. His unique sound isn’t boxed in by a genre or label—he writes, records and sings from the depths of his Californian heart and it guarantees his listeners a little taste of everything.

Glued to the organ seat beside his multi-talented gospel musician mother, it’s no wonder how from an early age, Reed found himself in love with music. Those sugar-coated harmonies and divine gospel scales he learned have transported themselves through the thick and thin of Reed’s life. The religious example his father set before him is reflected in Reed’s silver-tongued lyrics about how his relationship with God has rescued him from a multitude of valley lows. 

With a “no risk, no reward” mentality, Reed is being real and raw with his audience. The truth, grace and mercy heard throughout his music is unstoppable. His desire is for everyone who hears his music to experience the freedom that he has. Like anyone else, he’s been through a multitude of highs, lows and all the crazy in between. Each of his songs has a story and encouragement that stays on your mind and in your heart, long after the sound waves go to rest.