"...a guaranteed soul soother."


“Two things make you want to live your dreams... losing someone you love, and wrinkles.” With wise eyes and a contagiously animated chuckle, Brandin Reed effortlessly imparted his two paramount principles for writing his self-titled album “Brandin Reed.” The abrupt passing of his beloved mother in 2016 was the catalyst that launched him into the long-awaited extraordinary process of creating the epic rock/singer-songwriter record of his dreams.

As a child, Reed was glued to the organ seat beside his multi-talented gospel musician mother, so it’s no wonder how from an early age he found himself in love with music. The sugar-coated harmonies and divine jazz scales he learned while rooted to that organ seat transported themselves through the thick and thin of Reed’s life only to land within the melodic tunes of “Brandin Reed.” The religious example his father Larry Reed set before him is reflected in Reed’s silver-tongued lyrics about how his relationship with God has rescued him from a multitude of valley lows and anchored him in the contentment he rests in now.

In late 2016 Reed presented a handful of unpublished tunes, with an organic blend of both fresh-pressed mainstream and gospel material, to accomplished drummer and producer, Aaron Sterling. Sterling promptly responded to Reed with optimistic feedback, and soon after Reed found himself in Los Angeles, California, home to Sterling’s one-of-a-kind studio. Together Sterling and Reed tracked a series of percussive additives and soulful drums that began bringing the songs to life. Each musician subsequently and in an unorthodox and almost magical way made their way into Reed’s album, recording the rest of the instrumentation. To top off the album, Reed’s artistically rustic guitar licks and smooth souled vocals steer the listener through the scenic twists and turns of “Brandin Reed.” By the end of one’s journey through the metaphorical and literal mountains and valleys of Reed’s life, a great sense of ease and hope for the future reverberates through Reed’s lyrics and melodies.

A listen through “Brandin Reed” is a guaranteed soul soother. The liberation of each new sound leads the listener down an odyssey of authentic awareness and buoyant perspective about life’s curious roads.

So bust out the ol’ turntable, take a seat on the back porch, and gaze upon the past, present, and future through a brand new lens.

- Written by Sarah Howell